Police warns against obstruction of free movement at borders



OYSTERPOND, Sint Maarten — The Police of St. Maarten KPSM again issues a very stern warning to anyone who seeks to or are obstructing the free movement of people at the Dutch side border crossings with the French side.

Police will put a halt to any attempts to obstruct the free movement of people or any disruptions to public order at any of the border crossings.

Anyone involved in these activities or any other dangerous ones at any of the border points are forewarned to cease and desist or be subjected to possible arrest and prosecution on the Dutch side.

The situation on road blockages by unknown individuals on the French side has become more precarious. There have been reports of unknown persons firing shots in the vicinity of Belvedere.

A blockade was erected on the Dutch side by unknown persons at the Oyster Pond border crossing with stones and other construction materials.

Police reiterates its advise to anyone seeking to access French Quarter via Belvedere or to French side of Oyster Pond to avoid doing so until the situation improves and the barriers are removed.