Police warn public about E-mails Hacking


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In recent weeks, the Police Fraud Department has received multiple complaints from companies that have fallen victim to cybercrime through hacking emails. During this process, large sums of money were diverted and sent electronically abroad.

Police appeal to the public and business owners, in particular, to be vigilant for suspicious emails. If you do have any doubts about the email, contact the alleged sender for verification. Police will continue to do its part to detect and investigate these crimes.

launched in 2020, INTERPOL sent out messages about #OnlineCrimeIsRealCrime and this should be regarded with the same seriousness as any other type of crime. The campaign informed the public on the top cyber threats and how to spot them, and provided general cyber security advice to help minimize the risk of becoming a victim. The campaign was dedicated to particular online crime themes.

The following online crimes were identified as the key global threats and were covered in the campaign”
⦁ Business email compromise (BEC) fraud
⦁ Phishing
⦁ Ransom ware
⦁ Crypto-jacking
⦁ Online crimes against children