First cousin brawl end up in stabbing and Saba authorities searching for missing diver



THE BOTTOM, Saba (KPCN) — On Thursday, 19th of November, around 10.45 PM, a stabbing took place at an entertainment venue on Lambert Hassell Road in Windwardside on Saba.

During a fight between two men, one man had stabbed the other. The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance for medical treatment. The 37-year-old man with initials L.A.W.L. was detained. The case is under investigation.

721news Update (22/11/21): L.L. was released pending investigation

Missing diver Saba

THE BOTTOM, Saba (KPCN) — On Monday, 15th of November , the police station received information that a diver was missing on Saba. When the patrol arrived at Fort Bay Harbor they were informed that a group of divers, along with a dive master, went diving at about 11:05 AM and returned at 12:00 noon.

Upon returning, they realized they were missing a diver. A search was immediately launched. Several boats in the area also helped with the search. Later, the coastguard of St. Maarten took over the search.

They searched by plane and by boat. The search and investigation is still ongoing.

KCPN Police report of Friday, 5th of November until Monday 8th of November 2021

Arrest on Saba

In the evening hours on Saturday, 5th of November, a 33-year-old man with initials C.J.N.I. was arrested at a restaurant on the E.A. Johnson Road for insulting an officer. The perpetrator, who was involved in a fight, insulted the officers who arrived at the scene and tried to escape.


On Thursday, 4th of November, a report was made of a burglary at a house on Rosemary Lane on St. Eustatius. Unknown persons took an amount of cash form the location. The case is under investigation.