The United Democratic Party (UD) denounces the latest actions of MP Brison and calls for his immediate  resignation/removal as chair of Parliament.



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Upon  hearing the  recent audio of MP Brison, the UD Board swiftly reacted, stating that    “this should not surprise anyone,  as MP Brison continues to exude narcissistic traits and clearly lacks even a basic understanding of the responsibilities of  a leader, especially of the public office of President of Parliament.

This is in the opinion of the UD Board  “vintage Rolando” and this behavior should not be tolerated.  It’s disgusting to hear the president of parliament insult and ridicule members of parliament in a most objectionable  manner. His explanation for this embarrassment is neither here or there and only shows his utter disdain for the public trust he holds. To berate his own faction leader in such a manner is bad enough, but to boastingly refer to his dealings with  coalition ministers and his pledging to third parties  have hit a new low, even for him.

This behavior only shows callous disdain for anyone not in the president’s  inner and  complicit circle. He has smeared the name of his coalition partners and  his party members and it leaves one to wonder what and who are behind these discussions, of which only one has been made public. How come such answers were not provided in the president’s explanation of the audio?

It’s not important if and why someone would set MP Brison up, which is according to the MP.  What is scary are the boastful and sinister insinuations from the mouth of the President of Parliament.  This does not sound like any isolated or heated discussion. Very evident  though was the level of  confidence and boastfulness in  MP Brison’s  expletive-laden tirade.  Whatever the reason for putting this audio out, fact is that it reveals a most disturbing and worrisome picture.

It is high time in the opinion of the UD board  that all representatives in parliament denounce this behavior and take action.

In the UD’s board release,  the MP of the UD faction and party leader, Sarah Wescot  interjected: “I emphatically denounce this behavior and strongly feel  that the President of Parliament has lost all credibility and should do the honorable thing by resigning and saving the people of St. Maarten from further embarrassment. We,  the people are guided by a moral compass according to what in our view is acceptable or not. This behavior of a member of parliament is most certainly not, from whichever angle it is taken. Worse yet, if this person holds the Chairmanship and  thereby represents  the entire parliament.”