SABA students thank NAGICO Insurances for Care kits

Saba students extends their gratitude to NAGICO for COVID-19 care packages.


THE BOTTOM, Saba — Students of the Saba Comprehensive and Sacred Heart Primary School in Saba have expressed a big thank you to NAGICO Insurances, for providing them with care packages, to help them maneuver face to face learning while staying safe in the pandemic.

Administrator of the NAGICO Saba Office, Sheritsa Brigida Oleana made a courtesy call to the schools, where she presented the packages to the eager students.

“Trying to return to a state of normalcy during a pandemic is very difficult, especially with the new strain of the COVID-19 Delta variant affecting many of us personally,” she said. “We have gone from hearing about the virus oceans away in other countries, to seeing it in our homes and in some cases, claiming the lives of our friends and family. As an insurance provider, we know that we must play our part in not only spreading awareness, but also in providing the necessary assistance where possible.”

The students received backpacks with reusable masks, hand sanitizers, pens and pencils.
“Telling them what to do is not enough,” Brigida- Oleana said about the COVID-19 precautionary measures, “providing them with the resources to protect themselves is important in stopping the spread of the virus, and for the recovery our education system. By providing them with this tangible protective material, we hope to make the move back to normalcy a bit easier and safer.”

The students expressed their gratitude and thanked NAGICO for their continued contribution to the community of Saba.