Honorable Prime Minister Jacobs,

It is with much irritation I followed the press briefing of Wednesday, September 29, 2021 and noticed the change of your personality right in front of my eyes. In my opinion you should have one face: you either respect the democracy of our country or choose somewhere else where democracy does not reign.

I was completely flabbergasted watching and listening to this person that I believed was someone of principles and I am now very disappointed in your stands. It is understandable that some damage control had to take place after the Minister of Vromi, Mr. Egbert Doran, insulted the person of the Ombudsman big time in this famous letter directed to the good lady, and that was leaked to the public.

It is worldwide known fact how journalists, reporters and the media works. They do their investigation and sure leaks are all part of their way of works. Nothing new to that. The news is part of our life for Gods ‘sake. What makes our Prime Minister think that here in Sint Maarten it will be different??? And that she can bring a difference in it? You know that it is just empty threats and make you sound so doctorial.

All of that to shun away from the real issue. I want to believe that you dealt with your colleague minister Doran on the matter internally. But you forget that you owe it to the population that put you all in the position. You should NEVER forget nor neglect that you all owe us that RESPECT. Do not play with our intelligence. I hate what you are doing, seriously.

I am glad with the leak so as to see the other side of Minister Doran. I did not expect this from him. I throw in the towel on him one time. But I was confident that our Prime Minister would deal with him properly in her function as prime minister but also as a woman of principles. Now, you went and cover up stuff and do the necessary damage control to save a dirty low backside colleague. You should have leave him hang. Instead you damaging your own image and you are going under with him.

Do you seriously think that with retracting of the letter to the Ombudsman it is all solved? We all know, that the coward Minister of Vromi only did so, because he saw his head rolling like a ball. And rightfully so. Because the minister needs to understand that is not the way to play his cards. Clearly so that power gone to his big head. All humbleness played in the public eye is a farce.

But now that the whole matter has the attention of the Public Prosecutor we will all hear about it sooner or later. From the mother of the minister children that received 2000 square meter of government land on long lease from this minister to all the other friends, families and indirect families.

Prime Minister, one last thing. It is not right for minister’s partners to come fight in the corridors of the government building. Know better, do better. That fact that that news did not go viral on social media still does not make it right. Control your dog but let the media do their work.

Don’t say I say.
Suzy down the road… !!