MP Pantophlet requests meeting regarding short-term contracts and other urgent labor matters

George Pantophlet

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On September 27th, 2021, MP Pantophlet requested a committee meeting to discuss the status of ending the abuse of short-term labor contracts and other labor-related matters. In his request, MP Pantophlet highlighted that he has been championing the necessary changes to be made for the amendment of the ordinance that regulates the short-term contract, for quite some time.

Since 2011, MP Pantophlet was one of the initiators of a draft National Ordinance on the elimination of improper use of employment contracts. Unfortunately, the draft National Ordinance has not yet become a reality.

Pantophlet states that the problem with short-term contracts is that employers offer employees temporary contracts for jobs that are permanent in nature. The employers offer these contracts in sequences, with breaks of three months or more to avoid giving a permanent one. This is a clear abuse of power on behalf of the employers and it needs to end now more than ever, Pantophlet stated.

Additionally, taking into consideration the current economic climate and the adverse effects it has had on employment, MP Pantophlet also requested that other key topics regarding labor and social affairs be included in the debate such as an update on requests for social welfare and an update on labor termination requests and complaints.

MP Pantophlet concluded by stating that he looks forward to this meeting being called sooner rather than later and a way forward established, as the people deserve better than the prolonged abuse of the short-term contract that they have been enduring.