The truth about the Over the Bank land saga in Sint Maarten




THE TRUTH: Over the Bank lands are not Government land, but property land. Government is just meanwhile the legal holder and not legal owner. It was stated in the verdict Henson vs Land, November 2018 that Government can hold the lands meanwhile, but must look for and get permission of the heirs – Richardson owners – before starting any project on the inherited lands.

Until the Government gets an agreement and permission from the original real owners and the heirs of owner Alfred Richardson, grandson of the ex-holder Ann Richardson, descendants of the colonial Royal family and stated as the owner according to the original notarial deeds from the notarial high council of nobility and royal administration in the Hague.

And by the right and rule of law and nobility statements and mission, those lands must be developed for the public good of the slaves’ descendants and the state under Alfred Richardson’s ownership.

And it was only the ministers of former cabinet and former minister of VROMI Giterson who were willing to handle with integrity by the rules and justice for reconstruction of Sint Maarten for a settlement. But their leader Meyers preferred to stumble down his own cabinet and knocked his own Minister Giterson, and at that time Director of Domain Peterson, out because his ministers and directors were acting lawfully correct for the benefit of community and justice. They couldn’t continue with the settlement in benefit of the public and private rights.

All the former politicians starting with the Watheys, Heyliger, Meyers and so on, till now Jacobs and all their own former and actual leaders, parliamentarians, public and private corrupters, used unlawful acts and abused their political power to fill their own pockets. They were never interested in their own community developments, but only to enrich themselves via abuse of power.

That’s why they actually start fighting, even personally with each other because they want to keep on with corruption and unlawful acts and forgery compiled with old notary Gijsbertha (Illegal executer of the lands installed by the government) + mean Notary Mingo forging and selling the lands for them. Also, in cooperation with the civil servants of Cadastre were ex-director Roos + de Weever and Boekhoudt.

Even the actual Ombudsman, ex-civil servant of Cadastre all those years via illegal lease agreements and occupation, forgery of documents and hiding legal deed owners, were practicing abuse of power to fill their own pockets disrespecting the real and legal owners. And now, despite a high court decision verdict and despite the claim of owner rights and mandate for recovery of the private owners – Richardson heirs – to use their possession for the development and reconstruction of St. Maarten as the solution of the society, they still want to keep on with their wrongful act of administration and transgressions.

The St Maarten Government even went in a court fight against the mandate of State of Holland under the cape of autonomy protection not regulated by the articles of association of the Dutch State.

And even with the verdict of United Nations that St Maarten by international law is stated as a Dutch colony, they still want to keep on grabbing the private lands of heirs Richardson in Philipsburg. Their actual also corrupt ministers even now don’t want to communicate with the liquidator /mediator of the heirs Richardsons, and are neglecting and disrespecting the High Court verdict, and ignoring the heirs and all the rules and regulations of their ownership of the large land owner rights that they many years ago had started to claim.

The heirs even regulated agreements from November 2018 after the verdict with the former cabinet 2018, to regulate the development, reconstruction and recovery of St Maarten. The actual evil board government members do not want even to answer the mails of the heirs to continue the settlement on behalf of the recovery of St Maarten.

But now the Government of St Maarten has been checked by the United Nations, State of Holland, World Bank and the High Council of the Hague. The Public Prosecutor’s office and even UNESCO and all justice authorities are aware of the unlawful acts of the former corruptive governments of St Maarten.

So, if they think they can keep on with wanderings via their notaries and lawyers in the court corrupting via civil servants like the Yorks and Hensons, and also their paramours like the Ombudsman and their corruptive ministers and parliamentarians, like Buncamper and co., who are intentionally trying to bullshit the community of St Maarten, they are very wrong.

They think they can continue their piracy and unlawful acts delaying the reconstruction although demanding money from Holland for this, so they can continue to grab money of the community to put in their own pocket to keep on enriching themselves, and letting the years pass while the community suffers and is in need.

That’s why they fight against the control of COHO and CENTRALE BANK regulations. But now the truth is already known and the actual heirs Richardson belong to the fourth generation and are descendants of the Royal Dutch ex-colonizers and the Indonesian and African slaves, and they are firm and mission-driven for justice.

The heirs Richardson also demand compensation for their property rights.

So, the Minister better start correcting his mistakes because this is a public and private enforcement case where even karmic debts must be adjudicated.

Soon all the truth of all those political criminals will be known.

The Minister better correct himself now before it’s too late and before he also gets arrested and jailed. Those liars even went in the court and lied to the Judge that the heirs never appeared for claiming, which was not true. There are 40 heirs claiming for years and are finalizing their “Vereffening”.

The government cannot close any agreements on the lands, and are not authorized to take anybody off the lands of Over the Bank without the permission of the Heirs Richardson, who are the legal owners.

So, people living there need to stay calm and explain that to Minister Doran and the government of St Maarten in the name of the heirs and owners Richardson.

That’s the reason why I’m only now explaining the truth via media for everyone to know about the ILLEGAL practices against the community by their dishonest, politically false leaders.

Justice and the truth must prevail. Enough is enough.

Spread the complete truth throughout St Maarten.

Mylène Imelda Richardson.
Vereffenaar nalatenschap A.Richardson.

One of the rightful owners !