Prosecutor’s Office opens contact email related to ‘Vineyard Heights’



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (OM) — The Prosecutor’s Office has taken note of the ongoing issues and complaints in the community surrounding the distribution of land in what is known as “Vineyard Heights” or “Over the Bank”.

This has led to the opening of a designated email – to which anyone with a complaint/concern as well as supporting correspondence can submit these for review by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The information/documents received by the Prosecutor’s Office via this email address will be reviewed to determine if there is anything that warrants further inspection.

The opening of the designated email address also stems from several (public) calls to the Prosecutor’s Office. One such example is an open letter published in The Daily Herald on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, calling on the Prosecutor’s Office to look into this matter that is of concern for a significant number of people in the community.

There is no ongoing investigation related to Vineyard Heights.

The Prosecutor’s Office is charged with the criminal enforcement of the rule of law and with other tasks determined by law. This main task can be divided into three sub-tasks: the investigation of criminal offenses, the prosecution of criminal offenses, and supervision of the execution of criminal sentences.