Open letter to Arun Jagtiani.

1) First of all I am no FAN of this cripple coalition government of COMFORT and CONVENIENCE accomodating mr.10%!
2) I am no FAN to gangsters and goons who are in DEFAULT with not paying their fair share of taxes!
3) your explicite example of looking for sympathy and support to GANGSTERS and GOONS who purposely choose to build like you said not a house but a MANSION for a whopping value of example: $500 000 but refrain or refuse to pay government long lease fee which is far less than the value of the mansion are your type of “HEROES in the real estate business.
And then if this tax evaders resell that MANSION for a whopping price on the real estate market but yet refrains or refuses to pay their fair share of taxes are in my books:
GANGSTERS and GOONS in Country ST.Maarten!
I would encourage the tax office to pay you and your business a visit and see that you pay up your fair share of taxes from your real estate business activities.
What scams, shams and schemes in Country ST.Maarten!
Quick fix models to self enrichment!
Observations by mr.Edwin James.