MP Emmanuel: Making light of accountability shows President of Parliament’s immaturity

Member of Parliament Christophe Emmanuel


“Everything I predicted came true”

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Independent Member of Parliament Christophe Emmanuel on Monday said the fact that President of Parliament Rolando Brison continues to poke fun at the notion of accountability not only reflects his immaturity, but the low level of respect he has for the people of St. Maarten. “In his mind, he and the government he supports is accountable to no one,” Emmanuel said.

MP Emmanuel on Monday called the current government the “worst government in the history of St. Maarten” with its record of misleading statements, trickery, lack of transparency, no economic plan, no solutions and, above all, making the everyday standard of living of the people of St. Maarten worse. In fact, the MP said, not a single MP that supports the current government can say how the government has made lives better. “And they don’t want to be questioned about it. I urge the people of St. Maarten to remember the elected representatives who trivialize accountability,” MP Emmanuel said.

“The leader of the pack, the President of Parliament, spent his time at the closing of Parliament touting old initiatives that have my name attached to them in support. He could not mention a single thing in this past Parliamentary year in terms of improving people’s lives. He did find the time to make light and try a political jab at the one-person faction who has done his job and held this government accountable every step of the way,” MP Emmanuel said, adding that the public should “consider the source.”

According to Emmanuel, the last Parliamentary year was beset with childish and unbecoming scandals by the President in Parliament, compounded by his and the government’s trickery to take away people’s income. He said this is the same President of Parliament who interferes with civil servants doing their jobs of controlling establishments he frequents and puts other people in danger by not following COVID protocols while unvaccinated. His behavior, Emmanuel said, prompted other factions to consider his removal from the position.

“Even the faction leaders supporting this government on Monday criticized the government for its general governing approach and the fact that it does not provide information to Parliament. There were multiple leaders telling you that the light is red, but only the President of Parliament seeing green and dismissed general concerns. This should tell everyone to expect more of the same from him and the government he supports,” Emmanuel said.

He said if the only critique his political opponents have against him is that he is too vocal too often, then “I know I must be doing something right in holding them accountable.” He reminded that the “one man faction” is the only faction that voted against cutting income for public servants and warned that the so called savings from the illegal cuts would amount to nothing. This was recently verified by the CFT.

“I warned that the smokescreen of fixing corporate governance at PJIA was meant to get rid of specific people and renew Schiphol’s agreement as is. This has happened. I warned that property/real estate taxes were coming and this is now being developed. I warned about a VAT tax or some sort of retail tax and this is now being worked on. I warned about COHO infringing on our autonomy and it is. And the beat goes on and on. The President of Parliament and the government would prefer that I keep silent and follow their example of not informing the public. I do not intend to give them that satisfaction and now, that effort will be motivated even more,” MP Emmanuel said.