Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson hosts Justice Sector Essay Contest Winner Ceremony



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — Today, Monday, August 30, Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson hosted the Justice Sector Essay Contest Ceremony for 6 secondary school students at the Government Administration Building who all won a chance to spend a day at their chosen department and received certificates of appreciation. Present during the ceremony were Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, the students, their parents and department heads within the justice sector. The secondary schools represented were Milton Peters College (MPC), St. Dominic High School (SDHS), and MAC Comprehensive Secondary Education (MAC CSE).

Minister Richardson launched the essay contest on March 25, 2021, designed to encourage students to pursue a career in the criminal justice field. Secondary school students were invited to participate by submitting an essay whereby they would imagine themselves in one of the professions within the Justice Sector of St. Maarten. Participating students were to also describe three major things they would accomplish while holding their desired position from the list supplied.

Minister Richardson stated, “I’d like to extend a special thank you to all the participants and winners who took part in the first justice sector essay competition. As Minister of Justice, I continue to see the need for fostering justice professionals within our society and that begins with our youth. Choosing the winners was not an easy task for myself nor the department heads. As such, I tip my hat to the parents and teachers of all participants. The Ministry of Justice will continue to involve our youth in initiatives fostering development and growth within the justice sector.”

The successful students will be spending a day with the respective department head in their chosen profession. The students and the department heads are Jondalin Brown (MPC) who will be spending her day with the Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson, Dominick Thomas (SDHS) with Courthouse Director Richelda Emmanuel; Michella Coipel (SDHS) with Chief of Police Carl John; Marisha Ulla (SDHS) with Public Prosecutor Mirjam Mol; Diya Chatani (SDHS) with Director of Immigration Alexandra Yeung; and Tahiana Richardson (MAC CSE) with Prison Management Steven Carty.

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Jacobs stated, “This government’s vision for St. Maarten is to grow in responsibility, accountability and integrity, and for me that starts with you! Congratulations Minister Richardson and the Ministry of Justice for this great initiative. I look forward to collaborating across ministries to ensure the involvement of our youth continues as we grow a strong future.”

The winners will join the respective department heads of their chosen profession and Ms. Jondalin Brown will join the Minister of Justice during their school break in October 2021, allowing them to experience the role and daily operations of the organization they chose to write about. Minister Richardson plans to host another essay contest to further educate students about St. Maarten’s Criminal Justice System and to allow the opportunity for other students to be able to experience a day in the role of their preferred position within the Justice Sector.