Searches in connection with fraud



THE BOTTOM, Saba — Under the supervision of the BES Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Rijksrecherche has, for some time, been conducting a criminal investigation concerning fraud on Saba.

Within the framework of the investigation, searches were conducted yesterday morning, August 25, 2021, under the supervision of the examining magistrate in cooperation with the Police Force Caribbean Netherlands (KPCN) and the Detectives Cooperation Team (RST) on Saba.

The searches involved two premises, one in The Bottom and another in Zions Hill. During the searches, documents and data carriers, among other things, were seized for investigation purposes.

As of August 2020 the Rijksrecherche will be permanently present in the Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) stationed on Bonaire. The operating procedures of the Rijksrecherche are described on theirwebsite: