Prime Minister Jacobs presented with Integrity Chamber 2020 annual report

Integrity Chamber Board Member Mr. Rafael Boasman, Prime Minister Jacobs' Legal Advisor Ms. Jessica Weeks, President of the Integrity Chamber Mrs. Rian Vogels, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, Integrity Chamber Director Ms. Charna Pompier and Integrity Chamber Board Member Mr. Hans Lodder.


PHIIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs engaged in a fruitful meeting with the board members and director of the Integrity Chamber Sint Maarten to receive the 2020 annual report and updates from the organization. Present at this meeting were the President of the Integrity Chamber Mrs. Rian Vogels, Integrity Chamber members Mr. Rafael Boasman and Mr. Hans Lodder together with Integrity Chamber Director Ms. Charna Pompier.

During the meeting, President Vogels presented Prime Minister Jacobs with the Integrity Chamber Sint Maarten Annual Report for 2020. Director Pompier informed that the Integrity Chamber has been working on some matters, the most recent being the strengthening of awareness on the importance of integrity. One of the core tasks of the Integrity Chamber is to instill integrity not only within government but within the community. As such, the organization has embarked on a 12-week integrity awareness campaign whereby efforts are being made to have the campaign reach the community by radio, newspaper and social media, explained Director Pompier.

The board members informed Prime Minister Jacobs concerning their efforts to forge and strengthen their relationship with the St. Maarten’s Corporate Governance Council (CGC). “The Integrity Chamber has many plans, however, as the team is small, we are focused on being proactive and giving advice to prevent things from happening instead of being reactive,” stated Director Pompier. The Integrity Chamber understands the challenges and bottlenecks within the ministries of government, therefore, with a hands-on approach that can be used immediately, they are able to render the best advice with steps to be taken in order to improve integrity.

Prime Minister Jacobs stated, “The Integrity Chamber Sint Maarten has been working diligently to foster high standards of integrity by creating awareness and rendering advice. The experience I’ve had with this Integrity Chamber has been a positive one thus far. Government will continue to work hand in hand with the Integrity Chamber to ensure we create and sustain a secure and confident St. Maarten in the best interest of our people.”