Ministry of Finance is launching an updated Online Services Page

Iron Minister of Finance


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In a progressive stride toward technological advancement, the Ministry of Finance is launching an updated Online Services Page. The new page will streamline the access of services coming from various Ministries and provide the public with an easier way to pay for them.

With the newly launched Online Services Page the public will be able to create an account with an e-login, register and pay for government amenities, like vehicle tax and license plate fees, directly online. All forms currently in use will be downloadable via the page.

All payments can be made using the simplicity of a credit or debit card in a safe, fast and easy way.

First time registrants must sign up by providing basic information like, the applicant’s name, email address, CRIB and phone number.

In order to validate the information, the person enrolling must provide uploaded copies of a valid local ID or passport to the secure system.

The applicant will receive a verification email with the pertinent login information.

Once registered taxpayers can upload the pertinent documents, pay for governmental transactions directly from the account on the page and receive digital receipts.

Technical support is also available by phone, so if there are any questions, or necessary assistance, the public can contact a technician at +17215420000. is live and ready to serve the public of Sint Maarten.