Court upholds traffic fines



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – The Court of First Instance on Sint Maarten has upheld fines for traffic offences issued by police to three motorists. The motorists contested their fines which led to their appearance in court this week.

The court upheld a fine given by police to a (semi) civil servant for driving a vehicle with a “L” licence plate for which no insurance was contracted. He is to pay a fine of NAf 250 or face five days detention.

Another driver was fined NAf 50 for not being able to show proof of vehicle insurance when he was stopped by police in a traffic control. Originally, he was fined NAf 500 for driving without a insurance, however he demonstrated in court that he was insured on the day he was stopped in a traffic control. That led to the reduced fine.

A woman who only had a digital photo of her driver’s licence on her smartphone was fined NAf 50 when she was stopped by police; she protested this and went to court. The court found that the fine was rightfully issued, but suspended the fine. The motorist, however, is on a one-year probation.