St. Maarten Lions Club installs Lion Linette Gibs as President for Lionistic year 2021-2022



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Last Thursday July 1st, Lion Linette Gibs officially started serving as the President of the St Maarten Lions Club for the Lionistic year 2021-2022.

In her Acceptance speech at the Board of Directors Installation Ceremony Event which took place last Saturday June 26th at the Paradise Event Hall, Cay Hill and was attended by members of the St Maarten Lions Club, St Maarten “Alpha” Leo Club, St Maarten South “Omega” Leo Club, representatives of the French St Maarten’s Lion Clubs and other invited guests.

In outlining her program for the new Lionistic year, President Linette Gibs referring to a quote by Phil Jackson “the strength of the team is each INDIVIDUAL MEMBER; the strength of each member is the TEAM,” called on the membership for the guidance and support as a Team to help our community of St Maarten. She went on to remind the gathering that although the year ahead would be one with varying challenges for the St Maarten Lions Club and the community of St Maarten, “as Lions, we know that working together, we are stronger.

I have noticed that the Club is going through some changes and there is a greater need to embrace the membership. Covid 19 has changed the way we meet and raise funds but we will orchestrate unique techniques to achieve our goals.”

In introducing her theme selection for the 2021- 2022 Lionistic year “Bridging the Gap…to embrace Change,” President Elect Gibs stressed on the importance of strengthening the connection with the Leos, supporting them in their leadership development and involving them in more joint community Service Projects as “they are the future leaders of our Lions Clubs and therefore must be ready and equipped to embrace existing changes together.” She continued “This is an essential road map of Club Growth and Quality as it will assist in creating Clubs that are well-positioned for Service Excellence in their communities.”

She made reference to our Incoming District Governor of Sub District 60B, Lion Claudio Buncamper, PMJF, who is a living example of the Leo to Lion success story as he started his journey of service as a Charter Member of the St Maarten Alpha Leo Club some 38 years ago, held several leadership positions in both the Leo and Lions Clubs and has now risen to undertaking the responsibility of overseeing the service activities in all the Leo and Lions Clubs in over 20 islands of the Caribbean that form Sub District 60B.

President Elect Gibs took time to acknowledge all the Past Presidents of the St Maarten Lions Club who served over the past 50 years and whose hard work and dedication paved the way for the Club to continue diligently serving the needs of the community today. Special words of appreciation were extended to Outgoing President Lion Alphons Gumbs, MJF for “leading the way so we can embrace the change.”

In closing, President Elect Gibs thanked her sponsor, Lion Jennifer Johnson for introducing her to the St Maarten Lions Club, her family and friends for their support during her years as a member of the Club and looked forward to their continued support during her term as President. She pledged her commitment to “serve in the capacity of President with dignity and respect, representing you, our Club and our community to the best of my ability.”

The Board of Directors of the St Maarten Lions Club are:
President – Lion Linette A. Gibs
Immediate Past President – Lion Alphons Gumbs, MJF
Secretary – Lion Selma Baker, MJF
Treasurer – Lion Wanuki Holiday-Hodge
1st Vice President – Lion John Schaminee
2nd Vice President – Lion Betty Ellis
Service Chairperson – Lion Kevin Mills
Marketing/Communication Chairperson – Lion Alvin Prescod
Membership Director – Lion Merlyn Schaminee, MJF
Tamer – Lion Alison Busby, MJF
Tailtwister – Lion Felix Richards