Police report: Near drowning at Little Bay Beach and Scooter accident with a 3-year-old child

Inspector E.S Josepha Acting head of communication Department


Near drowning at Little Bay Beach

Central Dispatch received several calls on Sunday, July 18, around 11:30 about a possible drowning at Divi Little bay.

It later emerged that a woman suffered a complication while swimming that almost caused her to drown.

With the assistance of several persons at the scene, she was brought to brought ashore and first aid was administered while awaiting the ambulance. Paramedics stabilized the woman  and took her to Sint Maarten Medical Center where she is still being treated.

Scooter accident with a 3-year-old child

Police are investigating an accident where a three-year-old child allegedly fell off a scooter.
According to ongoing investigation, it appeared that on Friday, July 16, at about 8:30pm, a mother and her child were at a restaurant in Dutch Quarter making some purchases.

Inexplicably, the child left the restaurant and hopped on a scooter together with a man who is an acquaintance of the mother. The scooter rider with the child on board was attempting to drive away when he lost control of the scooter and fell on the pavement along with the child.  After, scooter rider jumped back on his scooter and drove away leaving the helpless child on the ground.
The child sustained scrapes on his hands, feet, and back of his head. He was treated by paramedics at the scene.

Police are searching for the scooter rider. The man is known by police and is urged to report to the police station as soon as possible.