GEBE production division encounter an internal fuel leak

Photo Nature Foundation

CAPE BAY, Sint Maarten — In a statement received earlier this morning Tuesday July 13th, 2021, the public utility company N.V. GEBE reported that the company’s Production division, encounter an internal fuel leak caused by the ruptured Heavy Fuel supply line of building no.2 .

The company further reported, that once the leak was identified, the source was immediately isolated. However, prior to the aforementioned event, the leaked fuel had already gravitated into the rain water drain line which leads towards the Cay Bay shoreline and escalated into a fuel spill.

Subsequently, the company managed to acquire additional sorbent booms and pads from one of our local vendors “Budget Marine” in effort to clean up and maintain as much fuel as possible.

In addition, N.V. GEBE interim Managing Director Mr. Mauricio Dembrook, sincerely expressed his sentiments regarding this matter and would like to reassure the general public that N.V. GEBE is doing its best not only to supply a reliable source of electricity and water but to also operate within a sustainable manner in order to avoid future spills. Mr. Dembrook also extended his gratitude to the Nature Foundation and Coast Guard for their kind assistance throughout this process.