Cooperativism is the key to building a strong and thriving community



– July 3rd marks the International Day of Cooperatives with the theme “Rebuild better together” –

Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten — The International Day of Cooperatives (#CoopsDay) is celebrated on July 3rd, 2021 and this year’s theme is “Rebuild better together”. The implementation of the Cooperativism principle is the key to creating opportunity for all to invest in a strong and thriving community.

Solidarity, cooperation and economic efficiency are some of the key principles that are being practiced by cooperatives worldwide. On the International Day of Cooperatives, the focus is to further create awareness of the opportunities that being a member of a cooperative creates for each individual. This will be the 99th International Cooperatives Day and the 27th occasion since the year 1995 when it was officially recognized by the United Nations.

“We need to come together as a community. It is the only way that we can work together to get the economy going after the COVID-19 pandemic”. – This according to Mr. Emauro Scoop, Managing Director of ACU Credit Union. “We hope more and more to be seen by the community as a vehicle to help every member benefit from meaningful support on their journey through the hard times”.

In the past few years we have seen how the cooperative model has been working towards the well-being of people. It is a structured model of people helping people achieve their goals and that is exactly what ACU stands for. With more than 1 billion cooperative members worldwide, it proves that no one needs to face a crisis alone and that cooperatives are here to improve the quality of life for all members.

The board, management and personnel of ACU wishes all members on our islands and abroad a happy International Day of Cooperatives.


Mr. Angelo A. Davelaar

Managing Director
Mr. Emauro M. L. Scoop