Quality Sweepers initiates hurricane season community cleaning campaign



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Quickly growing into St. Maarten’s cleaning company of choice, Quality Sweepers & Maintenance has initiated a pro-active community cleaning campaign for the hurricane season that private home-owners and businesses alike can take advantage of. “We can plan the picnic but we can’t predict the weather,” Quality Sweepers Director Bertaux Fleming said, “and we want to help this community be ready come what may.”

From a premise of being pro-active and not reactive, the company is making its services available island wide to clear lose debris and unwanted material from properties. Persons living in hard to reach places on the hillside often have trouble clearing their surroundings due to lack of proper equipment and manpower.

“Quality Sweepers & Maintenance has enough trained staff and enough experience under our belt to serve the community. In many cases it’s not that people don’t want to clean-up, they just don’t have the means to move stuff or in some cases do it alone. Folks on the hillside for example face such challenges including ho to transport their debris down. We are in a Hurricane belt even though we pray no Hurricane hits, it our responsibility to be ready. As an established company on St. Maarten, we want to be able to put our services to use however we can,” Fleming said.

For a small fee, the company is offering tree cutting, tree trimming, junk removal, yard cleaning and dumpster rentals. Once contacted and an appointment booked, they will provide a free estimate and discuss how their services could best be utilized for specific needs. Quality Sweepers & Maintenance can be reached at 1-721-5439872, via Facebook and Instagram @qualitysweepers or via its website www.qualitysweepers.com

Quality Sweepers is recognized for its innovative waste collection, cleaning methods and strategic company approach which are dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the quality of life and the environment for residents and visitors alike. Its mission is to revolutionize the solid waste collection and cleaning service on St. Maarten, promoting sustainable, environmentally sound and cost effective practices through an integrated system of waste collection, street sweeping, reuse, recycling, innovative technology, customer service and education.