Shooter gets nine-year sentence for attempted manslaughter, firearm possession


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Attempted manslaughter that caused the victim an eye and the possession of a firearm have landed the shooter in prison for nine years.

The Court in the First Instance on Sint Maarten handed down this sentence on Thursday for a shooter whose bullet pierced the head of his victim. The victim survived the shooting, but lost an eye.

J.H., the perpetrator in the “Hardnose” investigation, shot the victim on September 11, 2020, on L.B. Scot Road, St. Peters. J.H. rode pass the victim’s car on his scooter and shot him in the head.

A firearm and ammunition were found in J.H.’s home on the day of his arrest and house search on  January 20, 2021.

The Prosecutor’s Office OM SXM continues to seek tough sentences for gun crimes and firearm possession. Cases such as “Hardnose” show how devastating gun crimes are to the victim as well as the community.

OM SXM reminds the community that the possession of an unlicensed firearm can land the holder in prison; worst yet the use of a firearm to inflict harm carries severe penalties.

The community is urged to report any instance of illegal firearm possession to the Police Force St. Maarten KPSM. Such a report may save a life, even your own.