Sarah calls on coalition to get their act together in the country’s interest. “Time to stop the political brinkmanship.”



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The MP explains: “While the drama in the NA/UPP governing coalition continues to escalate, the people of this country are left to wonder with the ominous words of the minister of finance regarding the state of St. Maarten’s liquidity, with the lack of information regarding the food assistance program, and are left in the dark about the status of the airport reconstruction.

The picture that these 3 items represents are:
No money for salaries and the like at the end of this month; no information about food assistance from this month onward; uncertainty regarding the continuation of the reconstruction of the airport.

MP Wescot further stated that government is not forthcoming with direct and timely information and yet the government seems annoyed when faced with questions from members of parliament, let alone from the general public. The abrupt adjournment until further notice of last Friday’s meeting of parliament is a case in point.

“While to a certain extent, I can imagine the PM’s frustration with State Secretary Knops’ latest demand to release the 5th tranche of liquidity support, this government has to admit that its coalition dealings has caused the spotlight to be on PJIA from the get-go. This is not the fault of the previous government or any past government for that matter, but rest squarely in the lap of the NA/UPP coalition.”

“The handling of Mingo’s dismissal and then Doncher’s suspension is the proverbial straw. At least so I thought. Then the PM is bombarded with subtle threats by her very coalition partner in parliament. And, adding insult to injury, the President of Parliament dispatches an “open” letter to the Prime Minister, “kindly” suggesting that she sends a proposal to the Kingdom Council of Ministers to initiate the finalization of the decolonization process ON BEHALF OF THE PARLIAMENT OF SINT MAARTEN!!”

When was this decision taken by parliament? MP Wescot queries.
“What has become of the Choharis Petition? Is it because we can not continue to pay the Choharis Law Group for their services?

This government and its parliamentary majority have now become the playground for a few personal agendas, trampling the rights of other members of parliament and holding the country hostage.

MP Wescot: “On March 22nd, nearly 2 months ago I requested a meeting of the Constitutional and Decolonization Committee of Parliament to discuss 3 points, namely:
1. The furtherance of the motion of parliament dated November 5, 2020.
2. Engagement agreement from Mr. Peter Choharis.
3. The “Petition” .

This meeting has not been called, but now I learn via the media of a “mandate” to the government to finalize decolonization.

I hope that the government of St. Maarten, better said the NA party sees what is taking place here and I hope that better judgement will prevail and the people’s agenda (secured finances and assistance to the needy) will take precedence over everything else.
“At a time when all focus should be on St. Maarten’s recovery in the broadest sense of the word, this is what we get?”

“I want to strongly suggest to my colleagues in the COM and those supporting the COM in parliament to reset and rethink, stop talking to each other via the media. Put your priorities on the table and reach an agreement in the interest of the people. What is transpiring now CANNOT END WELL”, the MP concluded.