Pro Soualiga: Non-Involvement with Coharis Law Firm & U.N. Petition

PHLIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — There seems to be a widespread notion that Pro Soualiga is somehow involved with Mr. Coharis and the U.N Petition. Just last week during Parliamentary deliberations, a Member of Parliament mentioned that he “assumed” that Mr. Coharis and Pro Soualiga were working together.

For the record, Pro Soualiga has nothing to do with Mr. Coharis or the U.N. Petition. We have never met nor spoken to Mr. Coharis. Additionally, we have absolutely nothing to do with the U.N. Petition that he submitted to the U.N. Special Rapporteur. Pro Soualiga‘s trajectory involves legal action regarding the legality of decolonization rather than the trajectory of racism and discrimination.

As aforementioned, we engage the Dutch State directly by using the legal system afforded to us. We hope to have informed the general public accordingly.