How To Quickly Detect A Dishonest Foreign “Expert”: Dutch State Failed Same Test


The recent decolonization debate will surely bring forth the usual parade of charlatans and “quick buck” artists who wish to exploit the gullibility and general lack of information regarding decolonization.  Here’s a quick test that governments can use to separate the “wheat from the chaff”.  These charlatans are aware that if they are foreign, anything they peddle will be accepted by gullible governments.  That is why the Caribbean, in general, tends to be a gold mine for foreign “experts and consultants.”  Pro Soualiga is here to help avoid falling into that trap.

1) According to the UN, which 4 items will have to be changed for St. Maarten to be considered decolonized?
2) Can you explain why St. Maarten is not on the list of United Nations Non-Self-Governing Territories list?
3) Name the other territories that were decolonized in the same decade as St. Maarten (former Netherlands Antilles).
4) What are the key, critical differences between their resolutions and Resolution 945 (X).  Why is this important?
5) What is the main argument in the “Written Statement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Antilles” and what logical conclusion does it lead to concerning the Kingdom Charter?
6) In which document and in which paragraph can the recent admission regarding Article 73 of the UN Charter by the Dutch State be found?
If the “expert” or “consultant” or, perhaps even government itself is not aware of this material, avoid being entrapped.  If the “expert” cannot answer these questions without hesitation, there are legal grounds to demand a refund based on “fraud and misrepresentation.”  Usually, the threat to report the matter to this expert’s bar association is enough to make them cough up any funds collected.
Pro Soualiga challenged the Dutch State in court with these same questions.  They too, with all their money and vast resources could not answer or, ran away from answering, relying on their judges to bail them out instead.  It was only when finally cornered that they admitted what they had been hiding for sixty-five years: The United Nations General Assembly NEVER issued a resolution declaring that the former Netherlands Antilles were decolonized.
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