How does Brian Mingo disprove an un-truth?



MP Christophe Emmanuel and his (not so-)ghost writer are at it again. Tearing down and blemishing the good reputation of son-of-the-soil, as-local-as-they-come, educated professional and STILL CEO of the PJIAE, Brian Mingo..

The MP in today’s media once more takes aim at Mr. Mingo, this time throwing out a story about lavish spending by the PJIAE CEO, but refuses to produce any substantiating evidence of his allegations (mind you, it is very possible that money WAS spent by the CEO; the question is how has it been accounted for in the airport’s books?);

yesterday (Tuesday May 18) Emmanuel proclaimed publicly his approval of the great choice of Parliament to appoint well educated, young St. Maarten-born and bred Ms. Caroline Gibbes to the position of Acting Secretary General of Parliament (note: for once I agree with the man) and that he is thankful that Parliament did not use the policy of equal opportunity for EVERYONE (??), but PUTTING ST. MAARTENERS FIRST, which he said “is a great thing”.

So how come Brian does not fit in that same category?
Is he not well enough educated?
Is he not St. Maarten born and bred enough?
Or is this just plain and simple a matter of discrimination at work?
Could it be that MP Emmanuel is a RACIST?

Michael J. Ferrier