Psychiatrist Dr. Glenn Matroos is alive and in excellent health



CURACAO — As of yesterday, a fake message has been circulating stating that Dr Glenn Matroos, one of our psychiatrists, is said to have died from Covid’s effects.

He would also have refused the vaccine because he believed in natural remedies.

THE FAKE MESSAGE WAS AS FOLLOW: “Psychiatrist Dr. Matroos also passed away today. As a doctor he was the first to be offered the vaccine but refused it because he believed in alternative medicine. His soul rested in peace”

We are delighted to report that Dr. Matroos is not only alive but in excellent health, thanks in part to the vaccinations he received as soon as he became eligible.

Dr. Matroos believes that everyone should get vaccinated as soon as possible.

For the record and as proof of his liveliness, I attach a photo of Dr. Matroos, from today (April 12, 2021).

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