Three Suspects T.J.L.S – E.S.C.  and D.J. arrested for suspected fraud and embezzlement



COLEBAY, Sint Maarten — Detectives of the Fraud Department are investigating a case of fraud and embezzlement that has taken place in one of the large supermarkets.
The management of the supermarket made an official complaint to the detective department on March 2, 2021, against several employees after an internal audit.
These suspects are being accused of falsifying invoices and forging signature.

In connection with this investigation, detectives arrested the first suspect with the initials T.J.L.S on march 23, 2021. After questioning, the suspect was incarcerated pending further investigation.

Shortly after on March 23, 2021, officers also arrested another suspect with initials E.S.C.  After questioning, this suspect was also incarcerated pending further investigation. On March 24, 2021, detectives arrested a third suspect. D.J. was arrested for his involvement in this embezzlement case. After questioning, this suspect too was incarcerated pending further investigation. This investigation is still ongoing