Hidden injustice committed to former MIN-VSA finally comes to light!



Today is another day where the country St Maarten is confronted with an eye opener. The byass-ness that it have in the political arena and the media of this country. A media that doesn’t have nothing good to say about when locals do good things, a media that is being sponsored by great elites, a media that even when the government is one of their patronage doesn’t’ even show respect for the highest leaders of the country unless they have some sort of dealing that they benefit from. A media that doesn’t publish half of the truths and does be twisting the reality and a media that everything that is done badly by Holland wouldn’t hit the news.

I’m hereby drawing reference now to a verdict that will not hit the news because of what it entails right here on Sint Maarten.

Our former Minister of VSA Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty was drawn in the media people had tried to scandalized her name with untruth stories while she was one that stood up for the injustice that is being committed towards the people of this country. Once more she is showing that she will stand for what is right even when it means to be standing alone against the system. Whiles being scandalized by the media during her short tenure, former Minister Pamela Gordon Carty was being victimized by the system where she stood her ground and fought her battle solely like a truthful soldier by herself and came out victorious finally yesterday.

The system is something that is corrupt and lots of truth are selectively being hidden. Now the truth has finally revealed itself. It seems like the good lawyer that wanted to scandalize her name in the media, is a good friend of the lawyer that Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty had a case against for defrauding her out of a big sum of money that she won in a case since 2016 when she was pregnant with her son. By scandalizing her name the intention was for her to retract her case against this Dutch lawyer out of courts.

The lawyer that was in cohoens with this other lawyer tried the intimidation tactic whiles knowing that it was unrightfully what they were doing. Monies that were collected by the company lawyer from Mrs Gordon Accounting firm Master Accounting Services were
from a case that was won to which the lawyer collected and was holding them on her “derden account”.

She did not inform Mrs Gordon about this and when Mrs Gordon came to find out and approached her about it, she created some false invoices. These monies were rightfully due to Mrs Gordon for work that she has done for the customer which she took to courts and won the case. The Dutch female lawyer which was also the company lawyer for Mrs Gordon (which I understood has a track record of handling effectively lots of tax cases for local businesspeople that runs into problems with the tax-office), that handled the case decided she is going defraud Mrs Gordon Carty from her had earned money by making up false invoices to justify the unrighfully full withholding of this the full sum.

These funds were from precisely a case that Mrs Gordon won in courts because she has reduced a client taxes from 700K to a refund of 17K for the customer by applying tax laws to benefit the customer and proof such by the tax office. Which by the way the tax office was going to place a lien on the customer’s building and Mrs Gordon Carty stopped this through proper channeling of the proper procedures.

After extensive redoing of this customer financial statements from 2008 up to 2015, customer decided after getting the good news of tax reduction, that they wasn’t going to pay Mrs Gordon the remaining funds which lead her to take them to courts which our good former MINVSA Mrs Gordon Carty won the case.

This Dutch lawyer decided that the monies is too much for Mrs Gordon and decided to generates some fake invoices; and provide it to an experienced ACCOUNTANT such as Mrs Gordon, which I understood seems to be a fraud detector too. Mrs Gordon Carty took her own company lawyer to courts because of an injustice that was being committed knowing what she was up against to.

This has caused that no other lawyer knowing how the system operates and who the case was against that they can’t assist Mrs Gordon-Carty and that she stands alone in this. She went to three lawyers and was willing to pay the fee they asked for. Even when she presented facts on table they still wouldn’t take the case. Because of we know how people names can be scandalized in this country by unfounded statements, they used the media as their means to try to tarnish her name and even called her scam whiles apparently the lawyer didn’t handled according protocol.

It seems like it has another case coming up that Ms Gordon Carty will rightfully do all of us on country sxm a good to proceed with is to hold this other lawyer accountable that scandalized her name wrongfully by placing personal stuff in the newspaper with untruths about her case and even used over exaggerated amounts of 200K (while the amount wasn’t even 50K) to try to tarnish her name since she was the one supposed to be our Minister of Finance.

But due to conveniently late clearing process the government decided to form and was needing a minister of finance to do that to which they pushed the actual honorable minister of finance that we have now that was meant for education. People be informed that to my understanding from third parties Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty’s screening was way more intensive then all the others as she was going for the position f Minister Finance to which she passed the screening too but conveniently almost two weeks after the first batch was sworn in.

She was approached by US party to become the Minister of Finance whiles having a well-qualified individual with professional record keeping of her integrity and knowing a straightforward character. Minister Pamela Gordon Carty, even though the ride was short and tough, many of us stood by you. I congratulate you for such shown bravery, by defending your case in courts by yourself where no lawyer didn’t want to have their letterheads registered under such case.

You stood for what is right once more you have proven to be a person of integrity that fight for the truth and for justice just how you fought for justice for the people. You are an extremely intelligent individual, a person with character while being a humble person and I know that you yourself wouldn’t come forward to say your story but I decided to come forward and say it for you as more people needs to know the unfairness that was done to you and how they TRIED to scandalize your name with unfounded truth and even went that far to place a lien while knowing that the case that they so called had against you was a won because the lawyer being absent on the day the case was called.

You fight against the system and had your facts right. This is one victory and your victory is ours as well as it’s now part of jurisprudence. The official warning that this Dutch lawyer got through the “Raad van Toezicht” will be on record and it was a well-deserved one, a clear misuse of power and misuse of the trust you have given to the lawyer. Let’s hope after they’ve played the game of prolonging the case constantly from since 2016 up to now that they are fast to pay out your money that has caused you a lot of damage that had
lead you to your backlog which you’ve still managed well I will say.

How convenient it was that this same lawyer that tried to scandalized your name in the media was conveniently postponing your other house case for 3 years. Now all of a sudden when you became a minister they could have rushed the case in courts render a verdict on a Thursday and expect you to pay the court fees on the same Friday without going through normal procedure.

It has reached that far that even this female bailiff that is politically affiliated and well known to many for her powerplay scheme used, were having fun while executing the verdict. You managed to pay them their $7K within 4 days (including weekends) without hesitation but they still managed to try to say you paid with a bounced check knowing that the cheque had a due date which they forfeited in order to put it in the newspaper that the cheque bounced.

How many checks doesn’t bounce a day by well-known people on this island and everywhere, how many of our politicians and elites in this country doesn’t have liens on their properties and bank account that never hit the media.

Yet they were in a hurry to place you on page 3. I’m going to say it here and for everyone to hear it….

Former Minister Pamela Gordon Carty has a Masters in Finance and Accounting, run her accounting firm for over more than a decade, never changed the company name like others do to avoid paying tax, proven to have paid her taxes (while also awaiting the tax office to correct outstanding that are clearly wrong), is an official translator in Spanish, Dutch and English, which to my understanding is now in her third and last year of studying law, was the BEST Minister ever that VSA could have ever had. Just how the media could have tried to break you down and scandalize your name I will big you up through another media.

Anyway a lot might not know your story Minister Gordon Carty but there are a lot of us that know not all the details but sufficient that we can speak out! SXM is a small and friendly island. Hope that they pay you money as fast as they were to scandalize your name and that the battle you have with tax office gets solved as you have all your proofs showing all your payments. I’m wondering if you should take the tax office to courts too in order for them to rectify your taxes for once and for all. Many that owes got taxes written off, while you who actually aid your taxes it still showing as outstanding.

To the former Minister Gordon Carty we need more people like you and if only more people would not be afraid to challenge the system we would be better off.

I guess the victimization that you have to go through many doesn’t want especially if
they had things hanging over their head. Thank you and congratulation for exposing what we as citizens in our country has to be subjected to, yet the government can’t see where they are going wrong, what an injustice! Keep your head hold high for you have shown to be a clear example of standing up for what is right even when it means standing by yourself. Maybe the media should call the former Minister to hear her side and the details on these incidents that are going on so we can learn from it.

For many of us you will remain OUR Minister of VSA!

Author: “A patriot looking into the injustice on SXM” a close friend that knows