Council positive about follow-up recommendations by KPCN



KRALENDIJK, Bonaire (BES) – The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) and the corps executive (the Minister of Justice and Security) have executed the majority of the recommendations from four earlier inspection reports of the Law Enforcement Council. The Council concluded this in its review investigation ‘Follow-up recommendations KPCN’.

The Law Enforcement Council has made recommendations in various reports in the past 10 years in the area of the KPCN. In 2020, the Council investigated how its recommendations from four reports were carried out by the police force. It concerned reports in the area of the handling of complaints, the dispatch centre, victim’s assistance, and the basic police care. The Council is positive about the way the KPCN gave follow-up to the recommendations and the way in which the police force developed. This achievement is attributed to the police force as a whole and the corps management in The Hague.

The Council in its investigation particularly looked at the way in which the recommendations were followed and who was responsible for executing these. In practice, the directive control appears to be an important factor in the execution of recommendations. The Council at this time had 10 new recommendations for the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security. The Minister has sent the Council’s report, together with his reaction, to the Second Chamber.

Two recommendations of the Council concern the improvement of the general directing by the corps executive in The Hague. Namely, the exploring of a possible role of the National Police in the execution of the management of the KPCN, and the designing of a process to monitor the execution of recommendations. The Minister in his reaction indicated that he is taking over these recommendations. From now on, the follow-up of recommendations from reports of the Council and other themes will be placed on the agenda of the quarterly consultation between the corps executive and the KPCN. Also, the corps executive in 2021 together with the KPCN will explore the desirability and possibility of a role for the National Police in certain execution tasks of management of the police force. Another recommendation concerns the improvement of the specific guidance in the control room project. The Minister also takes over this recommendation and indicated, among other things, that the input of a new project leader has resulted in a considerable speeding up of the project.

The Minister has already given follow-up to a recommendation of the Council with regard to the occupancy of the consistent crime unit in the new Design plan of the KPCN. The recommendations with regard to victim’s assistance relate to the further automatization within the ActPol system where it concerns the intake and the feedback to victims/declarants. The Minister also takes over this recommendation. The corps management will further implement this in collaboration with the Foundation ICT Management.

The Council’s inspection report and the Minister’s full reaction to the report are public. Both have been published on the Council’s website: