NAPB New Year’s message

Rogerrel Mauricia President of NAPB


Through this medium, the board of the NAPB (Police Union), would like to wish all its members a Happy New Year 2021.

First, the board would like to thank the newspaper The Daily Herald for its December 31st, 2020 issue (front page). This medium shows and throws the spotlight on all Front line Workers as being chosen: Persons of the Year 2020.  From those Front line Workers, members of the KPSM also made it to their front page. It was with a great honor to see and read, the statement made in the editorial of this newspaper.

2020 has been a difficult year for law enforcement.  It started out as a hero for Covid-19. All of a sudden everything changed, because of the actions of 1 person. And certainly, we are condemning those actions of those people, but I am seeing police officers now second guessing their job or positions they took.

Let me just remind everybody. It’s coming to a point, where you begin to have perspective. You’ve made a decision on whether or not you will stick around, because if you’re sticking around, which I think many of you are, then you have to start seeing things in a different light.

It is not fair for all the police officers, who put this uniform on every single day and show up to do the job, the selfless job, being often the most unrewarded job there is.  Showing up in the face of danger. Dealing with things that regular people don’t want to deal with. And yet all of a sudden, all that selflessness, all that praise has gone away in an instant.

And I could imagine that many of you are feeling like this isn’t worth it, it’s just not worth it. And I can understand where those feelings come from. I empathize with that, but let me tell you this: You are coming to a crossroads in your life, where you have to dig deep in your soul and you have to make a decision: Am I staying or am I leaving? And this challenge isn’t easy. It is not meant for everybody. It takes a real strong minded person to ignore the negative, and focus on the positive.

I will remind you that you must show up to do the job, but with a different mindset. You cannot be jaded. You cannot be angry or mad, because the person(s) who is looking to cause harm to you, doesn’t care how you feel.

But the article in this newspaper has to be read well, and we will quote it:
“Police Force Sint Maarten took to the street, manning checkpoints and checking on travel waivers and emergency passes. Some officers worked more than 12 hours per day. Joined in this heavy workload were the Volunteer Corps Sint Maarten, Royal Dutch Marines, Royal Dutch Marechaussees, Dutch Police officers, Customs Sint Maarten and other branches of the Country’s Judicial Forces. They were not immune to the dangers of Covid-19 presented though, and outbreaks occurred among the law enforcement ranks as the year progressed.”

This newspaper recognized our value and our sacrifices and deservedly named us among other Front Line Workers as Persons of the Year 2020.

The board of the NAPB appreciates this very much, after our members, during the last quarter of the year, have been labelled: thief, corrupted and many other inappropriate names that only damage the good name and image of our KPSM, since there is no concrete proof of such.

The article in The Daily Herald, which we quoted, answers many questions.

Your brother and your sister in blue needs you now more than ever, and what they need is the support. Not somebody, who’s going to sit there and sling mud and complain. They need somebody to say, “Hey we’re not going anywhere. We’re in this together. Let’s make sure we have each other’s backs.”

This is the time you must be your brothers and sisters’ keeper. Put on the uniform, show up and dance with fear. Fear is never going away. Fear will always be in your life, and how you embrace fear, deal with fear, will dictate, who you are, who your person is, what you character is, what you came to do.

This is the time when our true heroes will prevail. In the darkest hours, the most difficult times. Do not let your community question who you are. Look deep in your soul, in your heart. It is in there. I know it is.  It is not an easy time and I am not pretending that it is, but it won’t last forever.

In closing, the board of the NAPB would like to congratulate first of all, the community of Sint Maarten. The community of Sint Maarten, despite the issues their Police Force encountered, behaved themselves very well during the remainder of the Year 2020.

To our management team and their support staff, who without any doubt believe in their officers to keep and maintain the public order for the year change.

To our members the message is clear.

Let US all really focus on the bigger pictures that are coming. And to my leaders: This is the time the workers need you the most. This is the time for our leaders to be there with the workers, because without them there is no leader.

For the Men and Women in blue, I’d like to THANK YOU for all YOU DO and ENDURE!

R.E. Mauricia
President of the NAPB