APS files permit request to restore and develop Mary’s Fancy

APS Director Nadya Croes-Van Putten


Cayhill, Sint Maarten, — On January 18th, pension fund APS filed their request for a building permit to restore the historical monuments at Mary’s Fancy Plantation and build a boutique hotel on its grounds. The restoration of the monuments and development of the property are part of APS’ local investment strategy to contribute to the development of the island and preserving its heritage while generating revenues to keep the fund financially sound.

APS acquired Mary’s Fancy Plantation in 2014, aiming to make returns by reinstating its original character. According to APS’ plan, the plantation monuments such as the Plantation House, the Boiling House and the servants’ quarters will be restored. The new boutique hotel is meant to preserve tradition while offering a unique experience in present-day comfort to visitors.

“Mary’s Fancy Plantation is a landmark on Sint Maarten and therefore deserves to be restored and preserved. By reinstating its historical buildings and past function as a short-stay location, Mary’s Fancy could sustainably contribute to island revenues while upholding the local heritage”, says APS Director Nadya Croes-Van Putten.

APS continues the search for a suitable operator who will lease and maintain the property. The development plans include a fine dining restaurant, a gym/spa, a pool, a museum and an art gallery. The Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure VROMI acknowledged receipt of APS’ request and will start processing the application.