Temporary closure of the Gingerbread Cafe



December 7, 2020

General statement from Belair Beach Hotel

On Thursday December 3rd we were informed by one of our concessionaires, The Gingerbread Café, that a family member of a staff may have been exposed to someone that tested positive for COVID19.

We immediately decided to close the restaurant until further notice.

Since then, we received the update that the family member was tested positive for COVID19 and as a result the restaurant will be closed until Saturday December 19th all things remaining constant. We have taken the necessary precautions as a hotel along with our other concessionaires in ensuring the safety of our staff and our guests.

We are confident that due to our swift actions there is little to no possibility of transfer to any of our patrons or employees of both establishments. All sanitizing is done inhouse by our trained staff.

We continue to practice and update our COVID19 protocols to ensure that our establishment remains sanitized and our employees and guests remain safe. For a full list of our COVID19 protocols please visit our website at https://www.belairbeach.com/covid19/.

We would like to thank Dr. Siebel of Medwork and Nurse Glenda Severin of SMMC for their continued guidance and training. Because of their amazing training skills and the support of extended organizations such as the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) and the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHTA) our staff are alert, ready and able to take on situations like this.

We would like to continue to remind the general public to be safe, practice proper hygiene,
sanitize your hands, practice physical distancing and wear your mask to quell the spread of
COVID19. We still believe that, as a community and as an island, we can be a prime example to the world of how successful we can be if we take the right steps.

To our owners, guests and patrons, we thank you for your years of patronage and we ask for your patience as we get through this as a family. We do look forward to welcoming you back to the Gingerbread Café once we get the green light.

Be safe and be blessed! 

From the management of the Belair Beach Hotel and the Gingerbread Cafe,
where the only thing we overlook is the ocean.

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