Ambulance Department acquires Electrolytic Dry Fog Sterilizing Atomizer Machines



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — Ambulance Department of Ministry Public Health, Social Development & Labor invested and recently acquired two Electrolytic Dry Fog Sterilizing Atomizer Machines in light of its efforts to secure proper decontamination of the complete interior of the ambulances including patient compartment and equipment.

The dry mist sterilization systems allows the machines to diffuse a sterilizer product in the ambulance working space with its wide spectrum disinfection effect. The disinfection effect for example in decreasing the concentration of new corona virus; limiting the outbreak of the virus; avoidance of chemical exposure and disinfectant linked poisoning and making a significant difference to terminal cleaning aboard the ambulances efficiently and effectively.

These important disinfection machines including needed disinfecting products were purchase in Germany and brought directly to the island by Dr. Stefan Lührs, an emergency doctor and his wife Katrin Lührs, an emergency nurse from Munster Germany.

The staff of the Ambulance Department also receive demonstrations and instructions from Dr. Lührs in the proper use and operations of the newly acquired sterilizing atomizer machines during their vacation stay on the island.

The Lührs couple are always eager and willing to assists where needed. They are true loving St. Maarten visitors who loves the island and has been visiting the island annually for many years. We are very thankful for the direct delivery of these important disinfection machines by Dr. Lührs says Ambulance Department Head Cylred Richardson.

These sterilizing atomizer machines were acquired at a very opportune time in light of this deadly Covid-19 pandemic and will aid with efficient, effective disinfecting of the ambulances after transporting of any virus-infected person to prevent cross contamination says minister Panneflek.