Vic A.C Tech donated his service to Oranje School

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Vic A.C Tech serviced all the air conditions at Oranje Primary School on Tuesday., November 10, 2020.
Due to the Covid-19, Mr Vicmar Gregoria and team saw it fit to clean all the air-conditions at the School so that both teachers and students remain safe.
Vicmar congratulated management and staff ” It gives me great pleasure to serve you and the students. Keep up the good work!.”
The Adjunct-School manager Mrs. Diana Woods thanked the Vic A.C Tech Company for their kind contribution and truly appreciated their contribution.
On behalf of the entire Division Public Education and Oranje Primary School team, we would like to thank you for helping us in keeping the air circulating inside our offices clean and healthy.
“Vic A.C Tech has a firm commitment to protect the health and comfort of the many within the community” stated Vicmar.
He can be contacted with the following information: or at +17215270211.