Scooter rider injured. * Arrest in harbor drug smuggling. * Man arrested for drug and ammunition.

Inspector E.S Josepha Acting head of communication Department

Scooter rider injured himself on the Airport road.

Scooter accidents and reckless driving continue to be a problem on the roads of Sint Maarten. The personnel of the Traffic Department is investigating a serious accident that took place on Friday, October 30th, 2020 on the Airport road, whereby a scooter rider was severely injured.

According to the preliminary investigation, the rider with the initials V.A. V-B was traveling in the direction of the causeway round about, when for reasons still unknown, lost control and collided into the divider opposite a car rental in the area.

As a result of the collision, he suffers a broken jaw and lacerations to his face. He was treated at the scene by the personnel of the ambulance and later rushed to Sint Maarten Medical center for further treatment. Seeing the severity of his injuries the victim was later flown out to the Dominican Republic for specialized treatment.

The Police Force of Sint Maarten is again warning, scooter, and motorcycle riders about their behavior in traffic, especially during the upcoming Sint Maarten’s day celebration.

Since serious accidents keep happening and because of the severity of the damages caused may eventually result in the death of the rider or someone around them.

The Police Force will continue to work towards keeping Sint Maarten roads ways safe but it is a job that cannot be done without the help of the community. In many cases, easy safety measures can be taken to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Arrest made into the ongoing investigation of drugs smuggling via the harbor

Members of the Alpha team arrested an individual with the initials D.E.G. (43) for his involvement in the smuggling of large amount of narcotics via cargo facilities in Pointe Blanche, earlier this year.

This arrest took place on Tuesday October 27th, 2020, at the residence of the suspect.  After being interrogated by members of the team, the suspect was given a summons to appear in court and later released. This investigation is still ongoing.

The Alpha Team is a jointly multidisciplinary Team that is comprised of the Police Department KPSM, the Customs Department, the Immigration Department, the Koninklijke Marechaussee and the Coast Guard.

Man arrested for marijuana and possession of ammunition

Police Central dispatch directed several Patrol units to Celsius Street on November 2nd , 2020 at around 3:00 pm, after receiving several calls concerning an ongoing altercation in the area.

The patrols who arrived on the scene received information from one of the victims, that he and his girlfriend were ill-treated, after having had an altercation with a man with the initials S.J.C.

According to the victims, just before S.J.C drove away, he told them that was on his way home to retrieve his firearm to solve the problem they were having.

After taking a statement of the victims, the patrols went to S.J.C.’s residence.  Arriving at the suspect’s premises, the patrols noticed several marijuana plants in his yard that were immediately confiscated. A search was also done with permission of the acting-prosecutor in the house of the suspect but no firearm was encounter. The officers did find several boxes of ammunition in his residence, which were also confiscated.

S.J.C was arrested and transported to the police station in the Philipsburg where he is been held for questioning. This investigation is ongoing