Risc Takers first ALL Girls team make history

Risc Takers Girls Team and Coach Ladiera Lake.


Marigot, Saint Martin —  This was no ordinary Saturday (October 31st, ) as history was in the making, as the  RISC Takers  Soccer Association was pleased to have their first ever girls team participate in a small soccer tournament  for  the U9 division. The matches took place at Stade Vanterpool and started at 8.30am.

The girls soccer players from RISC Takers were very excited to  participate in their first match ever. Parents and supporters for the RISC Takers were on hand to give much needed support and cheers for the girls team that did a great job at this tournament.

The atmosphere was jovial and exciting as the girls took to the field with their respective coaches. Parents sat in the bleachers  wearing their masks, adhering to social distancing protocols  as they cheered the athletes on with banners and encoring loud chants.

The girls team began some weeks ago when it was observed by the RISC Takers Association that more and more girls where interested in coming to join soccer. They had so many girls they decided to even have practices on for only girls. They noticed that the girls really liked to practice together on Thursdays.

The opportunity presented itself  for a small U9 tournament and that’s how the idea came to register the girls team for this tournament.

The question was proposed by Jeroen van Dorresteijn RISC Takers board member and coach of U17 and U21 through a RISC Takers Girls Whatsapp chat for parents. The parents reacted very enthusiastically to the request and many girls decided that they would take part in the Tournament.

RISC Takers Association was very proud to announce to the  French soccer organization that they would have an all girls team. Jeroen van Dorresteijn: “Looks  like we started something here, we have the first all girls Dutch side team amongst all the teams on the island in this division or for that matter in the history of RISC Takers.”

The girls played 4 matches against four 4 different teams including  RISC Takers boys which ended with a tie 1 -1.

The girls RISC Takers team are being coached by two female coaches Ladiera Lake who coached the girls at the tournament today and Sorailys Angela who was unfortunately absent from the match.

If parents are interested and would like to join Risc takers?
Please send an email to info@risctakers.com for more information about the girls team or log on to their website:  risctakers.com and visit their RISC Takers FC Facebook Page.