Dear Editor,

In case someone did not heard of a shooting that took place on March 4, 2015 in Belvedere whereby the young man Akeem Isidora was killed by a police officer, is understandable. As ordinary citizen goes about busy with their own business and only the families remain in their sufferings.

But DO NOT tell me that a Chief of Police could forget or ignore such an incident involving one of his officers. And what he do? Because as a Chief of Police you ought to know the Police regulation and the ordinary citizen, who by the way pays taxes and in so doing also the salary of the Chief of Police, expects that he comply with these regulations.

This Chief of Police was present at the scene after the shooting took place, as were many other police officers to carry out the investigation. The thing is that this Chief of Police is so dirty that he had try to cover up for the officer involved, as he did in the past involving shootings and severe ill treatment by his officers. In this case he went as far as to send home another officer for giving testimony the judge of the happenings of the incident, which testimony was incriminating the officer involved.

As mentioned by all local media houses the officer involved was arrested at one point, days later after the incident took place, while if it was an ordinary person, they would have been arrested right away. He was found guilty and was condemned to 8 years of imprisonment, which punishment was lowered in appeal court to 5 years and some months. Mind you this incident took place in 2015. The officer was transported to the island of Aruba to sit out his punishment.

The officer was released end of last year (2019) or early this year (2020) and returned home and after a few days the officer reported to work. You might now be amazed! But yes, because the thing is that the officer was not fired!

The officer had been collecting his monthly salary all those years that he was incarcerated.

At no time did The Chief of Police followed the regulations and see to it that the officer got fired. Neither did he remove the officer from the Government of Sint Maarten payroll.

In the meantime, by degree of June 16, 2020 the officer was fired.
See copy of the decree for yourself.

But the decree talks about his arrest March 4, 2015 but he was never arrested on the same day the killing took place.
Another loophole in the decree is, that it doesn’t mention the day and year his service as police officer will end so Technically he still (in service) a civil servant and he still is entitle to his full police salary…. !!!!!

Now, you tell me if this is not huge negligence of our Chief of Police or maybe he is not and if this Chief of Police is any good at all. Draw your own conclusion, but to me our Chief of Police doesn’t deserve the title.  It is his way or no way, but it is not his coffers, but the taxpayer’s coffers.

In my opinion somebody need to assume responsibility of the 5 years of a salary been paid, the neglection of the administrative paperwork and the responsibility of bad spending in the police force.

This is not the only KPSM police officer who collected a full salary been in jail.
Another officer was sentence by court he sit his jail time at the same time he was collecting his full salary and when he finished sitting he reported back to work. All of this happen under the watch of our Chief of Police !!!!!

People be careful who you are having your kids look up to!

Signed by…
Suzy down “D” road.