Three Suspects arrested for early morning robberies on two supermarkets 



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Detective Department together with the Patrol officers has arrested three suspects for two armed robberies which took place early this morning, Tuesday, October 20th, 2020.

The police patrols together with members of the Special Robbery Unit of Sint Maarten Police arrested the three (3) suspects with the initials R.R.R, A.E-A, and M.P-C, for their alleged involvements in this morning’s robberies.

At approximately 8:50 am, the Central Dispatch received a report that a male suspect, fled a supermarket in the Sucker Garden area, after having robbed the establishment of its earnings.

On the scene, the officers were informed that a male suspect, who was dressed in a blue coverall, entered the establishment brandishing a firearm and demanded the supermarket’s daily earnings. After robbing the establishment, the suspect fled in a grey vehicle that was parked a few meters away. The vehicle took off in an unknown direction.

The Central Dispatch then received another call at around 9:30 am, regarding another robbery that had taken place at a supermarket on the L.B. Scott road.

A detailed direction matching that of the male suspect involved in the first robbery was given to the detectives on the case.

After robbing the supermarket, the suspect got into the same previously described grey car and drove off, this time in the direction of St. Peters. A search was quickly carried out by the patrols in the area for the suspect(s) vehicle but to no avail.

Reports of a sighting of the vehicle in the area of Pendent Cactus Road in Sucker Garden were received at around 1:00 pm. The patrols together with the members of the Special Unit Robberies rushed to the location where the car was indeed found. The three persons who were in the vehicle at the time were immediately apprehended, arrested, and transported to the Philipsburg Police Station. The car was also confiscated. Detectives of the Special Unit Robberies are still busy with this investigation. Crime prevention is everybody’s business.