Reconfinement does not apply to Saint-Martin

Prefect Sylvie Feucher


MARIGOT, Saint Martin — The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron has just announced the establishment of a second containment throughout the national territory. This aims to stem the spread of the covid-19 epidemic. The overseas prefects can adapt these measures according to local situations.

Since the beginning of March, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy have respectively 566 and 83 confirmed; 10 people died. During the week of October 19 to October 25, 25 additional cases were recorded in Saint-Martin and 6 in Saint-Barthélemy. The incidence rates (number of people positive for covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants) and positivity (number of people positive for covid-19 on the number of tests carried out in one week) decreased compared to previous weeks but are , for Saint-Martin, always above the alert threshold.

Two people are currently hospitalized at the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital Center and medical evacuations take place every week to the CHUs of Guadeloupe and Martinique. More than ever, efforts must be continued.

Given the health situation and the proximity of the tourist season, the prefect Sylvie Feucher, has decided, for the moment, not to take new measures.

Those that are already in place remain in force:

– drinking establishments and restaurants close at midnight;

– gatherings of groups of more than 6 people are prohibited on public roads;

– gatherings of more than 6 people in establishments open to the public must be declared to the Prefecture;

– wearing a mask is compulsory in all establishments open to the public and in the busiest streets;

– establishments open to the public must apply the rule of 4m2 per person;

– restaurants can continue to welcome customers without exceeding the number of 6 people per table, wearing a mask is compulsory for staff and customers who travel and all customers must be seated.

The entire population is invited to avoid private events and to understand the issues of bad individual behavior for the economic future of the island.

The permanent objective pursued by the Prefecture since the beginning of the crisis is to control the epidemic, the success of the tourist season and the restart of the local economy. Without a strong and united involvement of each of us, the virus will continue to circulate and develop.

Despite repeated calls for individual responsibility from the Prefecture and the health authorities, parties were organized on the island’s beaches last weekend; some establishments continue not to respect the essential rules followed by the majority; they endanger the health situation. This irresponsible behavior must end. Administrative procedures are underway to close the establishments concerned.

Each citizen of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy has in his hands, the responsibility and the opportunity to contain the epidemic by continuing to apply barrier gestures, by wearing the mask and by limiting his social circle.

If the health situation were to degenerate due to individual behavior, a containment measure would be immediately adopted.