Brenda Brooks speaks out !!!

Attorney at Law Brenda Brooks


My People of St. Maarten the events of my conviction have gone on far too long without me publicly addressing the matter. The day has come for me to break my silence.

In the media, publications have appeared on the criminal proceedings against me, and whilst there are still differing opinions on the matter, this case is still pending at the Supreme Court. From the first handling of the case the Public Prosecutor sought additional punishment through actions of the Bar Association. As it appears much pressure was placed by the Prosecutor and others within the Court on the Bar Association, to file a complaint with the Supervisory Board of Attorneys.

The review of the Supervisory Board required a complaint to be filed and the Bar Association may have taken a bit too long on this, so the Public Prosecutor took to filing a complaint on its own. Even with the pressures placed on the Bar Association and all that transpired behind the scenes I was willing to qualify this as a “normal” procedure. The additional pressure solely contributed towards the fact that it is me Brenda Brooks, maybe a bit too vocal and bold and a much-needed taming which one punishment they assumed could not achieve.

Despite all that was known I went through the complaint procedure on August 31, 2020. The presentation by the Public Prosecutor in this complaint made it clear that not only was an additional punishment sought, this had to be publicized to make sure that the general public be made aware not to visit my office. It was not just the punishment that was being sought for alleged wrongdoing, not the taming to ensure that a tough lesson was learned, but a more far reaching result was desired.

I have defended many through the years, and have witnessed prosecutors in action in all sorts of trials on heinous crimes, yet I have never seen such hatred, dislike and determination against any suspects as I faced the day this complaint was handled. I have trusted in our legal system through the years, and when my right to appeal,  a right for all which is a core element our legal system, was used as a reason why punishment with publication should be handed down, I understood that I faced a process never imagined before. The consideration in the decision that I am well known and often in the public eye is yet another reason why this case needs to be publicized, while this Supervisory Board has never published any of its decision. I stress NEVER EVER BEFORE. The conclusion must be drawn that my case is exceptional in comparison to all before me.

It is what it is, and I will for now accept that ferocious attack on me, as we are all human, passionate and determined, and I must accept all that is flawed, learn from it and come back stronger. The decision can be appealed and will be appealed, however given that expressed desire and determination to publish the decision so it can have the ultimate sought effect, the appeal term will not be awaited and a rush to publicize is expected. The modus operandi is for information to be leaked and then the Public Prosecutor to be invited for a comment. This breaking news surely to put the last nail to the “coffin”. The publication intended to draw me out in the media again not just to punish me but in an effort to damage my practice, as it has been voiced that previous publications did not bring about this result.

Maybe that did not happen because People of this Country know who I am and what I stand for and no decision by any Court of Law or personal opinion can and will ever change that. Many have continued to support me and have implored on me not to allow this to break me, but to remain strong and continue on, being the person they know me to be.

I maintain my innocence in the criminal case as no crime was ever intended or even committed and regardless to what the Courts may rule, my Judge knows what transpired and I can live with that. As I have stated before I look in the mirror and love who I see and I go to bed with a clean and clear conscience at night. The same honest, straightforward person with principles and values still stand despite the rollercoaster ride for the past few years and as I have stated before, I will not fall down and play dead. I am a fighter, an attribute that makes me successful when fighting my clients’ battles and I will continue to do the work that I was designed to do!

I will continue to work as a Consultant during this time of suspension and the office of Brooks & Associates will continue to serve its clients as all ongoing cases will be handled by our well experienced associate attorneys to the firm. Brooks & Associates has a responsibility towards its staff, its clients and the community and shall continue to serve the interest of all.

Brenda Brooks