CARILEC Announces New Strategic Direction



CASTRIES, St. Lucia, In 2019, under the leadership of Executive Director Dr. Cletus Bertin, The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) will be unveiling a suite of activities that align with its current five-year plan Strategic Plan. These activities include commemorating its thirtieth year anniversary; a grand ceremony will be held in Saint Lucia alongside its annual CEOs & Leadership Conference slated for May 21-24. This leading Energy Conference for Energy Leaders will be co-hosted by St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited. The Secretariat will also be launching a new website with a more engaging user-friendly experience with enhanced member database and navigation.

CARILEC’s strategic plan for the period 2018-2022 emerges from an understanding of the role of the Secretariat within the regional and global environments. Established in 1989 with nine (9) members as part of an electric utilities modernization project funded by USAID and implemented by NRECA under a five-year “Co-operative Agreement” the Secretariat recognizes that advocacy, positive member relations, and capacity building are important tenets of a secure energy future. Under the thrust of its current strategic plan, it will continue to play a constructive role in the transformation of the region’s electrical sector to a more robust, modern and sustainable model. CARILEC’s new strategic plan includes realigned Mission and Vision statements, Core Values and the corporation’s By-Line, which will guide the Secretariat’s policy and decision making processes, and centres around six (6) integrated objectives which will inform its work over the period.

According to Dr. Bertin, “this Strategic Plan articulates a new mission, a new vision and a realignment of our values, of which collaboration is pivotal as we recognize that knowledge sharing and collective action are critical tenets of a secure energy future. The 2018-2022 Strategic Plan must also be seen within the context of CARILEC’s continuing efforts to facilitate world-class electricity services and the adoption of sustainable approaches to energy solutions in the region.”