Unidentified decomposed body found in Dutch Quarter



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (KPS) — On Friday November 28th at approximately 11.15 p.m. police patrols were directed to the Sao Paolo Road, in the 911 Project from where a report came in that a decomposing body of an unidentified person had been found.

On the scene the investigating officers spoke to persons living in the area who stated that for about two days they have smelled a very unpleasant scent coming from the bushes behind the houses. After checking out where this scent was coming from they encountered a decomposing body in a shack in the bushes.

The officers were taken to where the body was found and also learnt that an elderly homeless man only known as Sow-Sow who is frequently seen in the area had not been seen for several days.

The area was immediately cordoned-off by the investigating officers in order for Detectives and Forensic Department to conduct their investigation. The victim has not yet been positively identified and the body in the meanwhile has been confiscated for further investigation.

The Police Department is asking anyone who may be able to identify this to get in contact with the Detective Department by calling 54-22222 ext. 215/216.