Mariners advised to stay clear of Fireworks Display Barge in Great Bay

Area that will be restricted to maritime vessels during the Fireworks display.


POINT BLANCHE – The Maritime Department of Port St. Maarten, hereby makes known that there will be a restricted area in Great Bay for marine traffic called the ‘restricted area’ on Monday, December 31.

The restricted area is where the New Year’s Fireworks display will take place from a barge.

The ‘restricted area’ is 250 meters all around the barge which means vessels not participating in the event are not allowed in this area during the fireworks display which will be midnight on Monday, December 31, 2018.  The measure is necessary for the safety of mariners and all involved with the organization.

For vessels regularly anchored or on a mooring, your cooperation for having the area clear is appreciated for the aforementioned timeframe.

Port St. Maarten vessels will be on hand to assist keeping vessels clear of the ‘restricted area.’.

The Maritime Department of Port St. Maarten thanks everybody for their cooperation and wishes all mariners a Happy New Year.