Government Starts Survey in Neighborhood Adjacent to Landfill

Dump On Fire


PHILIPSBURG – Beginning Monday, December 10, a team of experts will go into the neighborhood next to the landfill to conduct a survey and to speak with residents about possible solutions for relocation.

The survey is necessary to prepare for the fire suppression activities that will address the subsurface fires on the Philipsburg landfill. These activities form part of the Emergency Debris Management Project that is financed through the Sint Maarten Recovery and Resilience Trust Fund.

Dump fires and related smoke have been a major concern for the people living in the area and the wider community of Sint Maarten and need to be managed. Due to the fires on the landfill, there are risks for persons living in the area right next to the landfill, especially once the fire suppression activities start. The Government is therefore looking into options for closing off part of the neighborhood.

The Government is committed to comprehensive safety and security standards and is asking residents for their full cooperation with the survey.