COCI: Business Community & Organizations requested to Update Information as COCI Updates Registry

COCI Head Office Philipsburg.


PHILIPSBURG – St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COCI) Executive Director Anastacio Baker, calls on the business community, social organizations, foundations etc. to use the next two weeks and the month of January 2019 to update their information at the Chamber as COCI is in the process of updating its business trade registry.

Businesses, federations, associations, and foundations are requested to use the opportunity now to update their files at the Chamber, so everybody starts off the New Year 2019 fresh with their business registration in order.

It is very important that COCI has the latest information of all entities operating in the country and that the business trade registry is up to date.

Any changes to the shareholders lists, articles of incorporation, business address, telephone, fax, cell, website or email address, directorship, board members etc., the COCI business registry must have the most recent information related to the legal operating entity.

In the case of a business owner who has passed away, but the business is still registered as active, the Chamber request that the next of kin visit COCI in order to have the files updated to reflect this matter.

Business owners who have for whatever reason discontinued business operations – closed down – should inform COCI, so the business can be registered as inactive or closed.  This will allow the owner not having to go through the process of receiving tax assessments and having this rectified.

Some owners assume that once the physical business location is closed, they no longer have anything more to do, but that is not the case. Formalities have to be officially concluded in order to avoid any issues of fees and assessments.

Businesses and organizations/foundations are all reminded to make sure that their letterheads and receipts have their COCI registration number printed on the aforementioned as it is required by law.

Businesses that offer a warranty for products sold are reminded that they are required to have a copy of the warranty deposited in their file at COCI.

COCI through its trade register aides in providing a secure environment for business undertakings in Sint Maarten. This entity in accordance with the stipulations of the law registers all businesses, seeking to be operational in Sint Maarten.

While this is the primary function of COCI, COCI furthermore contributes in many ways to the socio-economic development of Sint Maarten.

COCI, through its representatives on Committees or through its advisory function, undertakes to contribute effectively and actively toward initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable business environment in Sint Maarten.

The Chamber will be closed for the holiday season from December 24 to January 1.  COCI resumes its operations on January 2.