Minister of Justice De Weever pleased with trainings for K-9 Unit. Enhances law enforcement capabilities

Cornelius de Weever, Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications


POND ISLAND – Police dogs help solve crimes as they have unique skills.  Police dogs are trained in specific areas such as tracking, substance detection, public enforcement, and cadaver searches.

Recently the K-9 Unit of the Sint Maarten Police Force participated in a two-week recertification training with a trainer from Aruba.

In addition to the training recertification related to the existing disciplines of narcotics, firearms, ammunition, the K-9 Unit dogs were trained to detect banknotes and are now certified for this discipline.

Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever said the additional detection area will further enhance law enforcement capabilities especially at ports of entry.

“The Sint Maarten Police Force K-9 Unit and its handlers are an essential part of the force and make important contributions to investigations.

“Besides having the capability of apprehending criminals, the dogs protect their handler, other law enforcement officers and members of the Sint Maarten community.

“The dogs are trained in various disciplines and because of this they it further enhances overall the general security of the country and is very important for investigations carried out by various law enforcement agencies that may need to call on the country’s K-9 Unit.  Congratulations to the K-9 Unit members and their handlers,” Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever said on Sunday.

Dogs with tracking skills use the sense of smell to track criminal suspects.  Substance detection entails using the sense of smell to detect a specific substance which could be bombs or explosives; illegal drugs.

Under public enforcement, police dogs assist officers in maintaining order while cadaver dogs are trained to find dead bodies.