“SOUALIGA UNITED” against all form of injustices is gathering this Sunday on the Galion beach



Saint Martin — The people of Saint Martin embrace the “SOUALIGA UNITED” in a common effort to protest against all form of injustices done in our country.

The illegal demolition of the structures on bay rouge paves the way for the first protest action in the streets of Marigot.

Our objective and intention is to protect and preserve all the beaches on St Martin. We stand firmly committed, as ambassadors of St -martin, making all our beaches public, with free access to all.

We are now promoting various gathering on our public beaches in order to spread the idea that we should reclaim our beaches and keep them occupied.

Our next beach gathering is on Sunday 21st of October 2018 on the Galion beach from 11 AM. We select this beach to highlight an environmental issue at that beach particular site. Report reaching us, that the Galion beach is in a deplorable state and therefore deserve urgent attention.

“SOUALIGA UNITED “ stands in defiance of the discriminatory expropriation program to be carried out by the local French government.