CPO Josepha give presentation at the Seventh-day Adventist school and starts TAPS program at the St.Maarten Academy



Police Officers give presentation at the Seventh-day Adventist school.

The Seven-day Adventist school is currently promoting October 2018 as Anti-bullying month and the  Sint Maarten Police Force gave was invited to give a presentation on Anti- bullying to the children on Thursday 18th October 2018.

The presentation on the consequences of bullying was given by CPO officer Josepha and Officer Jedward Martes.

The theme of their presentation was “Don’t be a Rock and follow the Flock”. This theme is based on a short anti-bullying film done by the Weston Park Primary school in the USA.

It was well received by the children and deemed a huge success.

CPO Josepha starts TAPS program at the St.Maarten Academy

On Friday 19th October CPO Josepha has started the TAPS program at the St. Maarten Academy. TAPS is abbreviation for Teens and Police Service Academy.  TAPS is an 11-week US program curriculum, which was adjusted to fit St.Maarten juvenile needs.

TAPS covers specific topic areas associated with Children and Youth Safety such as :

  • violence,
  • Physical and sexual abuse,
  • stalking,
  • sexual exploitation
  • Bullying

The training at the St. Maarten Academy will also cover law enforcement-related subject areas that are important to youth. Subject matter experts guide the youth and police officers through these topics weekly. TAPS Academy is designed to help youth:

Change behavior, learn responsible decision making skills, participate in crime prevention projects and reduce the social distance between themselves and Law Enforcement.