PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (Tuesday September 4th, 2018) — Social & Health Insurances SZV will offer free workshops to employers showing them how to accurately fill in and submit their employee registration and mutation forms. SZV recognizes that employers struggle with the filling in of the forms, and often complain about the ‘back-and-forth’ or miscommunication regarding the procedure. There are three (3) options to attend, on September 11th, 12th or 13th from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at the SZV office, Building 3, Level 1. Interested persons can register online at, registration ends Friday September 7th.  The workshop will offer a hands-on training and is intended to clarify these issues.

“By law, Employers are obligated to fill in and submit the registration and mutations of Employees within 2 days to SZV. This workshop will focus on how to accurately fill in the Employee Mutation form in the cases of Mutation (M), Termination (T) and Commencement (C).

At all times, it is the responsibility of the employer and not the employee to accurately fill in and submit the mutation form. On a daily basis, employees visit SZV to submit their mutation forms during their appointments. Mutation forms should be submitted by the employer, within two days of the start of employment or change. “If there are errors, it is challenge for SZV staff to explain these to the employee, when it is the employer who is responsible for filling in the form. Here is where the back and forth begins.” Some of the most common mistakes made by companies when filling out the mutation form are: not listing the working days and hours, incorrect or not listing of contract duration, incorrect wage amounts and no signature of the authorized representative.

“We are working hard to improve the SZV service in the interest of our clients. We understand that more information is needed and we are continuously finding new ways to improve and exchange with our clients. It is a journey and we continue to make positive steps forward.” – Glen A. Carty – Director SZV 

In order for employees to receive their insurance card from SZV, the process starts by the employer. Employers must ensure that their company and employees are properly registered. Employers must submit the forms to SZV directly. SZV cannot issue an insurance card to an employee if the submitted information is incorrect. “We receive daily complaints about the mutation form and we recognize that there are often misunderstandings regarding the procedure. We hope that many companies will register for this workshop and make proper use of the information.”

It is mandatory by law for all companies with one or more employees executing labor to register their company and their employees at SZV. You are considered an employer by SZV in the following cases: you are established on Sint Maarten, and you have employees executing labor for you on Sint Maarten, you are established on Sint Maarten, and your employees are executing labor for you outside of Sint Maarten (Dutch Caribbean). A foreign company can also be categorized as an employer on Sint Maarten (Dutch Caribbean). An employer can be a natural person (such as an individual, called a sole proprietor), or a legal entity (such as a corporation, an N.V. or a B.V.) An overview of the general Employer obligations is available on SZV’s website